Helen Angela’s Duffel Bag

HelenDuffel_ - 2

Just like I did for my Ecuadorian kids, I made Helen Angela a duffel bag that matches her quilt. I started by using this pattern and leftover fabric from her quilt. Since it had been a couple of years since I’d made Helen’s quilt, and I didn’t do so great of a job keeping the scraps, I did have to supplement some of the duffel bag fabric with coordinating colors (especially for the lining). But man, I LOVE this pattern, and I LOVE the bags it makes. I love them so much that I’m picking out fabrics to make one for myself. 

HelenDuffel_ - 1

All in all, the bags are much easier to make than expected, and extremely useful. Plus, they hold way more than you’d think (with a pocket on each end and a trolley sleeve in the middle), and are a breeze to carry through the airport – and to cram into overhead bins. This duffel is perhaps the most patch-worked one I’ve made thus far, and while the patchwork takes forever to piece – think giant jigsaw puzzle where you don’t really know what the final picture is supposed to be, but you do know the size – I think it might be my favorite one yet.  I packed all of the clothes I took Helen in her bag, and she was ecstatic to receive it. I’ll be sharing more about what I took Helen and our day together in the coming weeks, but until then:

What fun things have you made lately?

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