I have never been, nor do I feel I will ever be, a graceful person. When I was little, I always wanted to be a ballerina. Every year at Christmas, the Nutcracker Ballet would captivate me. I longed to have those long lean lines, move with that elegant ease, leap and twirl on my toes. But alas, that was not in my future. I am short. I am flat footed. And the biggest problem with my ballerina dreams: I have the grace of an elephant. Seriously. My knees and elbows are crazy scarred from the scuffs and scrapes of my childhood. My arms bear burn scars from my numerous run-ins with hot cookies sheets and irons. I’m really surprised my toes aren’t all wonky from their almost constant stubbing. I’m just plain clumsy. But, I am not hopeless.

I began this blog as a way to rediscover myself after going through what I can only classify as a Best Friend Divorce. As my very dear friend and I parted ways, I was left  feeling empty and alone. In the following days, weeks, and months, I struggled to find my identity and move on with my life. To ease the pain, I began to write. First in journals, and then online. Slowly, the writing led to living, and the living healed.

I increased my involvement with Compassion International, a child development program focused on releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. From this, I was able to travel to Ecuador in 2013 and meet two of my sponsored children: Emily and Josué. In 2015, I traveled back to Ecuador and then on to Peru to meet my first sponsored child, Helen Angela. The travel has given new meaning to my blog – I now see that while I have the grace of an elephant, God has elephant-sized grace. And there is such beauty in that realization.

So now, I would be honored if you hung around and joined me in navigating life with elephant grace.