I’ve been home from Peru for just over one week – and it’s different this time. This past trip with Compassion International itself was very different. It’s hard to put into words, but while the poverty was similar (not the same, because poverty is never the same for anyone), but the feeling of the trip, the meshing of the people traveling with me, that was so very different. And that feeling, more than anything I saw or heard, impacted me in a way I did not expect, and in a way I could not prepare for – and in all honesty, I’m still trying to sort out what the lesson in it all was. On each of the previous Compassion trips I’ve taken, I’ve felt a connection fairly quickly – an “ah-ha” moment where it’s like “ok, this is why I’m here.” And that didn’t happen this time. Which means I’m still processing what it all means to me. So, dear readers, I say all that to say this – I’m sorry I’ve been absent lately. I appreciate you sticking with me, and I’m working on getting back to a regular posting schedule – but I am still sorting through a bunch of stuff from Peru (and personally) that may make posting a bit sporadic for the next little bit. But, I hope you’ll continue to come to my little corner of the internet and check in, and that you’ll find something useful and encouraging while you’re here.

One thought on “Home

  1. Beth says:

    Praying for you. I am in that spot too right now, trying to figure out what life is supposed to be like after the excitement of a child’s wedding is past and things are not the same. There is an emptiness, like you felt with your fellow travelers this time. I hope you are at peace with it all soon. Did you have a nice visit with your Compassion child?


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