One More Day

HelenDuffel_ - 1

I have one day until I get on a plane and fly back to South America. One day. Less than 24 hours until I’m in Miami with my dear friend Deb, and we’re meeting with the rest of the group. This is so surreal. The last trip still feels like a fantastic dream – it’s so out of the ordinary that I cannot believe it actually happened…. and is happening again. One day. One day until I see the beautiful mountains, taste the fresh fruit, and begin the process of having my heart ripped wide open. One day until the poverty and the joy mix in such a profound manner that you can’t help but feel God around you. One day until I meet other sponsors who pour love into words and mail them to far off places, praying simple letters and mere dollars change the lives of children and families around the world. One day until I haul near-overweight luggage 2621 mile from northeastern Arkansas to Quito, Ecuador, to give gifts to my kids and the kids of several other sponsors. Just one more day. 

And so, today as I’m wrapping up the few items left on my to-do list (i.e. homework, laundry, errands, and final bathroom/shower prep) I’m also taking some time to let it soak in – let it hit full force – this is really happening. I’m really going back. I really get to see that girl that smiles a mile-wide at mere water and the boy whose sincere love tore me in two in 2013. I get to see them, talk to them, hug them, and love them all over again. And it all starts in just one day.

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