Josue’s Red, Beige, & Blue Quilt

Today I’m sharing the final quilt I made to take to my sponsored child Josuè in Ecuador week after next. (To see the other quilts I made for this trip click here or here.)JosueQuilt_5 First off, I love this quilt. It is busy and happy and so Josuè. I cannot wait to give it to him in just a few days. Following this pattern I used 2 sets of jelly rolls (one red and one khaki) and 7 fat quarters (3 baseball and 4 blue) to piece the top. I was originally not going to add the blue border, but after looking at the finished size, and thinking of my super-tall Josuè, it was clear that the quilt sans-borders was too small. JosueQuilt_3Like both Valeria’s and Emily’s quilts, I embroidered Josué’s name front and center. This one was a bit trickier because of the way the blocks are pieced, but I’m still thrilled with how it came out. For the actual quilting, I stuck to stitching in the ditch every 6 inches or so – I had planned to quilt both vertically and horizontally, but, when I got the verticals finished it felt like enough. Since Josuè lives on the coast, I didn’t want this quilt to be too heavy. (Plus, I’m not sure I can fit a heavy quilt in my bags at this point.) JosueQuilt_1Finally, I finished off the quilt with a custom label and red binding. I’m so happy with it! JosueQuilt_6

What have you been working on lately?

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