StrawBale Garden – Year 3

For the past four years, my Dad and I have kept a small garden. This is our third year to do the bulk of our planting in straw bales. You can read more about year 1 and year 2 here. I’ve written about the cost benefits of straw bale gardening here.GardenUpdate2

This year, we’ve moved our garden to the other side of our property, and, like last year, increased the number of bales we’re using. Currently, we’re up to 12 bales (at $4 a piece, that’s approximately $50 in bales w/tax). We’ve also go approximately $150 invested in the various plants (both vegetables & flowers), $20 in fertilizer, and $20 in a new water hose. GardenUpdate5

Since we moved our garden, we’ve also taken down a portion of our privacy fence. Dad and I saved the lumber from the fence and crafted these sweet sides to box in the bales. Now, instead of purchasing all new bales each year, we’ll end up with raised beds at the end of the growing season and will just have to add a few bales of straw to supplement the “dirt” for next year. GardenUpdate9

We also had someone illegally dump tires on our property – which we quickly converted to more raised beds (these will hold 2 cauliflower and broccoli plants each). In the bales we’re planting zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, and 2 types of tomatoes. In other beds we’ve got strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, and various herbs.GardenUpdate6

Plus, last year, we made the awesome decision to plant asparagus in a permanent in-ground bed – and this year they’ve really taken off! I’ve already harvested 20 spears and some are as big around as my finger!GardenUpdate3Yep, it’s looking like this will be a great year for gardening – assuming we make it through the Spring storm season unscathed…fingers crossed!

What all are you planting this year?


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