Quilt #22: One Block Wonder

Quilt 22 of my #26quilts project is a One Block Wonder Quilt. OneBlockWonder1

A one-block-wonder quilt uses a single fabric for the entire front panel. The kaleidoscope pattern comes from the way you cut and reassemble the fabric to make the panel. I used this series of tutorials on YouTube to get the general idea. OneBlockWonder2

For the quilting, I stuck with simple, straight lines in the ditches; the quilt was busy enough without any extra flair from a thread pattern. I will say, this one took way longer than I expected. The triangles are so small and you need so many hexagons. I had to put this one down and come back to it over and over to keep from getting too bored with it.OneBlockWonder3

Originally, I was going to border the front panel with the same green that I used for the binding, but the borders just weren’t cooperating with me.OneBlockWonder5

For the back, I used a solid piece of the original fabric (so you can get an idea of the “before” and “after”) and edged it with some green from my stash. OneBlockWonder6

After it’s all said and done, I’m really pleased with this one. I’m not sure I’d make another one (did I mention it takes forever? It takes forever). But, for what I was hoping, this one turned out perfectly.OneBlockWonder4

Anyway, this makes 22 quilts blogged and 4 to go. Nearly there!

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