Quilt #12: Purple Princess Triangles

Quilts #12-14 were completed before Christmas, but were commissioned as gifts so I couldn’t share until now. Quilt #12 was made for a three-year-old girl who’s a big fan of all things purple and princess.PurplePrincessQuilt1I altered my triangle quilt pattern a bit for these commissions and went with a zig-zag edge and a thinner binding. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now, and these quilts gave me the perfect excuse. I quilted the whole thing on the diagonal in purple thread.

PurplePrincessQuilt2I really love how it turned out – although, I will say it was much more time consuming to bind them this way.

PurplePrincessQuilt3This is such a girly quilt. Princesses, ponies, lipstick, and polkadots. It’s so not me – but it’s great and I love it, nonetheless.

PurplePrincessQuilt4As an added touch, I embroidered the little girl’s name on the front of the quilt, but blurred it out in these photos for privacy.

PurplePrincessQuilt5Finally, the back of the quilt is pieced together with purple chevron fabric and corresponding fabric from the front.

PurplePrincessQuilt7 PurplePrincessQuilt6

Officially, I’m at 13 quilts blogged and 13 to go. Happy Quilting!

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