Project Life: Week 52

Ok, so I decided that in order to close this year’s project life and begin with a fresh sharing strategy for 2014, I’m just going to post some highlights from weeks 45-52 (This post covers the rest of the year, – weeks 49-52).ProjectLife2013December4 ProjectLife2013December1

During week 49 the temperature dropped 45 degrees in two days and we got our first snow of the season. It ended up being mostly ice with a dusting of snow over top, which made for unsafe roads and a couple of days working from home. Dad and I busted out the photojojo telephoto lens and got some great shots of the birds enjoying our feeders during the blistery weather.
ProjectLife2013December8 ProjectLife2013December6Week 50: Dad and I wrapped several Angel Tree gifts for local children. Mom and I attended the Nutcracker Ballet in Memphis – which was so beautiful! I’m a sucker for the ballet, and to get to see one performed by a real company, not just community theatre is the best. The absolute best.ProjectLife2013December2

Week 51: I finished up one final Christmas Gift Quilt (post on this one coming soon).ProjectLife2013December3 ProjectLife2013December5 ProjectLife2013December7Week 52: I visited Nikki and we explored an awesome zoo in Branson, MO. I loved the bird room! (Again, post about the zoo visit coming soon).

And that wraps up the year! Wohoo! Next weekend, I’ll share my end page & plans for documenting 2014. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these spreads throughout 2013! I can’t wait to get started with Project Life in 2014. I seriously love this system of scrapbooking/memory keeping.


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