26 Quilts in My 26th Year

After taking Elise’s “I Choose” workshop, I was inspired to do my own a year-long project based on my age. And, after a lot of bad ideas, boring ideas, and some that I knew wouldn’t hold my attention for more than a couple of projects, I settled on an idea that is equal parts amazing and equal parts crazy. Ladies and Gents, I present you with:
So here’s the part where you tell me that I’m crazy, and that that’s a lot of quilts, and all that jazz. And that’s ok – but you know something? I’m excited – and I’ve been excited for the last few months leading up to this project launch. I’ve been hoarding fabric – pinning ideas like crazy (sorry if I’ve blown up your pinterest board with quilt pins 🙂 ) and keeping a list of people that I’m planning to gift most of the quilts to (because keeping 26 quilts all for myself is insane – who has room for that?!)
So now, with fabric, pins, and lists in place, I’m ready to start the journey to create and share 26 quilts in the next 12 months. Wish me luck!

Completed Quilts:

  1. Babushka Triangles

  2. Self-Sashing Baby Quilt

  3. Disappearing Nine Patch

  4. A Quilt for Josué

  5. Hexagons for Emily

  6. Peanuts for a Peanut

  7. Giant Vintage Star – Take 2

  8. Fall-ing for the Jelly Roll Race

  9. A Peanut-ty Christmas

  10. Jelly Roll Jam

  11. Low Volume Quilt

  12. Purple Princess Triangles

  13. Aliens in RVs

  14. MSU Maroon

  15. Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt

  16. Owl’s are a Hoot

  17. Garden Gate Quilt

  18. Postage Stamp Quilt

  19. Tetris Heart Quilt

  20. Giraffe Baby Quilt

  21. Charmed Cross Quilt

  22. One Block Wonder

  23. 2wenty Thre3 Happy Stars

  24. Helen Angela’s Triangles

  25. Airplane Lapquilt

  26. Scrappy Trip Around the World

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