Free Letter Writing Template: My Family

I’m continuing my series of copy-able letters to sponsored children. To read more about this series, click here. To view other templates, click the “Sponsor Letter Templates” link under the main blog header (or here, if reading in a feed). Want to pin this template to Pinterest? Just use the “pin-it” button at the bottom of this post. Easy Peazy! 

Today, I am joining Michelle from Blogging from the Boonies as she posts a week long series on getting entire families involved in Compassion Sponsorship and the relationship between sponsored children and their sponsors. This week, in keeping with the theme of family, I thought it would be fun to roll out a new template where children and adults can share more about their loved ones.

family template

Like my previous templates, this one can be used by any sponsor, young or old, to write their sponsored child. It would be a great tool to enable you to empower your own children to write their own notes to your sponsor child(ren), and would be a fantastic addition to any letter you send. However, it may not be the best option If you are working with very young children. Instead, I’m going to point you toward Jessica’s awesome template that is PERFECT for preschoolers.


If you don’t have a Scribd account, and don’t want to register, you can view the template here on Google Docs.

Be on the lookout for several new templates over the next few weeks, and as always, if you’ve got an idea for one, please let me know!


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