Changes and Consistencies

WelcomeBackSelfieHello Again! You know, looking back at my last post I really did expect to pick blogging back up in 2018 – but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Moreover, I could repeat much of what I said in that post again here, and it would still be relevant. Instead, I’ll just say that in the past two years I’ve switched jobs, moved states, and generally overhauled so many aspects of my day-to-day that blogging never made it back on my agenda. I continued to let this space hibernate until I could devote appropriate time and energy to it. But now, as I look back, I’m not sure I’ll ever have enough time or energy – and really, if I continued to wait until I did that day might never come. I’ve also decided that I’m just not ready to completely give up on this blog. So, here I am – writing and sharing as I can and looking forward to getting back into a routine here with you.

As a side note, I noticed that my domain name expired a few weeks ago. Thankfully it hadn’t been taken by another entity – and I was able to reinstate it and transfer it to a more stable provider (WordPress to the rescue!). As such, it’s taken me some time to get everything back up and running (and linking properly – honestly, I still have some work to do on that end), but, I’m glad to have it with a more reliable provider, and I’ll be once again working my way backwards through the post archives to re-link photos and update content.

I still have so many posts to share about traveling with Compassion International – and, true to form, I have a couple more trips to South America scheduled for this year! These trips will be what Compassion calls “individual trips” and I’m excited to break that down and provide some insight on what you can expect with both the group-tours and the individual tours.

I also plan to share more of my quilting and crafting in this space. As always, I have a rather large to-quilt list in preparation for my upcoming trips, and I aim to share with you how I plan and manage this list to make the most of my time and my luggage space!

Finally, I want to use this space to tell meaningful stories; somewhere I can write solely for myself and continue to develop my voice. At first, I expect these to stories to center around what I’ve been able to experience on trips with Compassion, but long-term, I hope that this grows into something that goes beyond that – something that I’m not sure I can even verbalize adequately at this point. One thing is for sure though, if I wait until I’m “ready” I’ll never get there. I can’t promise posts will show up with any sort of regularity, but I can say I intend to keep writing.

So, once again, I hope you’ll join me as I continue to navigate life – with Elephant Grace.

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