Emily’s Anchored Star Quilt

Frequent readers will know I’m working on several sewing projects for my upcoming trip to Ecuador in April and Peru in June. These quilts will be gifts for the children my mother and I sponsor through Compassion International.

It took me so much longer this time around to decide on a pattern for each of my sponsored kids’ quilts. On my last visit, I made three of the same triangle pattern quilts – and by varying the fabric, ended up with very visually different quilts. This time, I wanted to find different patterns for each child. For Emily, I pulled out some long-stashed pink, navy, and white nautical inspired fabrics. And then I ran into a snag – I loved the fabrics, and loved how they worked with each other, but had absolutely no idea what to do with them. All I could think of was another triangle quilt (which would have been super cute, but not what I was really looking to do). So, I scoured through the many quilt inspiration pins I have pinned on Pinterest and came across this one. I immediately knew it was perfect. Since Valeria’s quilt was made up of mini swoon blocks, a full size swoon block as the center of Emily’s would give some continuity without being a straight copy.


Plus, the full-size swoon block at 2′ square made for easy measurements on the surrounding blocks. Since my inspiration quilt was the result of a sewing bee, there wasn’t an actual pattern to go off. So for the smaller star border blocks, I turned to google. I knew I needed to find 12 12″ star-themed blocks that utilized no more than 3 colors – and preferably functioned well with just 2 colors. I ended up using the following blocks: Memory A, Hunter Star, Moonlight Star, Rising Star (aka Nesting Star), Shooting Star 2, Love in a Mist, Martha Washington Star, Folded Star, No Name Star, Ohio Star, Ribbon Star, and a Weathervane Variation (similar to this one, but finishing at 12″). I had a set of fat quarters for most of these prints, with 1 yard cuts of the solid pink and white background anchors. I was able to get 2 blocks from each combination of fabrics – alternating fabrics between the “star” and the “background” for each set. I then arranged the blocks in around the center swoon putting white background stars in each corner and filling in the blue background and pink background blocks in between.


Like Valeria’s quilt, I embroidered Emily’s name in the center of her star-quilt. I also did quite a lot of quilting on this one, taking each block on its own and filling in either the background or the star to make the designs pop. There’s a ton of straight line quilting, concentric shapes, and swirls going on with this one. And honestly, I’m really surprised at how quickly it came together. Unlike Valeria’s swoon quilt, I didn’t feel bored with the blocks. Since each block is different, I felt like I was able to power through and crank it all out in just a few sessions.


I used some of the scraps from the front paired with approx. 1 1/2 yards of beautiful pink polka-dot fabric for the backing.

I then bound the quilt with a navy-colored bias tape. Overall, this is one of my most favorite quilts. I love how it turned out and I cannot wait to give it to Emily in April.

EmilyNavyQuilt5I also saved enough of the scraps to make her a coordinating duffel bag – which I’ll be sharing more about in a few weeks.

Until then, Happy sewing!


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