Around Here – A 3 Month Update

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Around here I’ve been:

  • working to get this blog back up and running after some longstanding issues with my former web host. I’ve decided to revert back to using to host the site. Since I’m post less frequently, this is a more affordable option, and honestly, is the most reliable. I don’t have to worry about viruses, server problems, or random take downs. (hello months Feb.-May) It’s a tedious process, switching back, because the back-up import brought over all of my words, but none of my photos. So please bear with me, I’m slowly working my way back through the archive re-adding the photos.
  • sewing up a storm. I’ve got a big trip planned this fall, and several sewing deadlines to meet before I go. Expect to see several quilt posts very soon.
  • planning for a South American excursion. Yep! This fall (specifically early-mid October) my friend Jodi and I are venturing south for a two-week, three-country vacation to see 8 sponsored kids with Compassion International. We’ll be visiting Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia. It’s going to be a big trip, and I am so excited! (But we’ve got lots of planning still to do).
  • planting the garden. This is our 5th year to do a take on a straw-bale garden, and so far it’s amazing. I’m planning an update post for later this week to detail what we did differently this year, and what all we’re growing. It’s safe to say, though, that we’re just days away from the first big, juicy tomato – and that is gold!
  • working, working, and working some more. I’ve been traveling for work more recently (which is amazing, to be honest, and one of my favorite parts of my job) Plus, spring is typically a very busy time for us anyway, and now so is summer. We recently had several long-standing deadlines move up from December to August – so I’ve been tracking down all the info needed to meet these new deadlines, and doing my best to keep my head above water.
  • and speaking of water, we’ve been doing quite a bit of swimming, too. Dad and I downsized our pool this year from a 24′ above-ground metal pool to a 18′ “pop-up” pool, and it has been such a good move. We’re hoping to take a couple of years and put back some funds for a saltwater pool, but in the meantime, this pop-up Walmart pool has been great. If we get a few years out if it, we’ll be all set.

What all have you been up to the past few months?

One thought on “Around Here – A 3 Month Update

  1. Julie Guise says:

    Hi Emily, I have just discovered your blog today. I have really enjoyed the writings about your sponsored children. I have sponsored a few through another organization and would love to meet them one day. I am looking forward to your writings about Peru. My son spent 4 years there in the Peace Corps, I have been there three times and my daughter in law from Peru just arrived a month ago. Also being a quilter – and despite probably old enough to be your mom… I feel a connection to your writing. Thanks for the blog! – Julie


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