A Look at All 3 Duffel Bags

DuffelBagsAs part of the many gifts I’m taking to each of the three awesome kids I’m visiting in Ecuador, I sewed each child a Duffel Bag. When I visited in 2013, I took Emily and Josué a backpack filled with goodies – and that was the plan this year – but it didn’t quite work out. The backpacks we purchased back in August were deceptively small – and didn’t open wide enough to hold the amount of gifts I’m taking. Enter the Duffels.

DuffelBags_6I started by using this pattern and leftover fabric from each of their quilts. I thought it would be good for each of the kids to have a quilt and duffel matching “set” with their name embroidered on each piece.

DuffelBags_5The bags are fully lined and quilted with light-weight batting to give some support without being too structured.

DuffelBags_2Plus each bag has two end pockets, one zippered and one open, and a trolly sleeve for use in attaching the duffel bag to other rolling-luggage.

DuffelBags_4I was honestly surprised at how easy these bags came together – and I plan to make more of them in the future. The nylon strapping was easier to sew than I expected, and the supplier recommended in the pattern was fantastic. On a side note, I also got intimately familiar with how to thread my serger while sewing these. I have a love-hate relationship with the serger. I love how the finished products look, but man is it a pain to thread.

EmilyDuffel_6I’m actually using Emily’s Duffel as my “personal item” for my trip – and honestly, kind of want to keep it. It’s such a great bag! Plus, me carrying it, full of other items, is just about the only way I can get all the luggage issues resolved.

Have you crafted any thing fun lately?


5 thoughts on “A Look at All 3 Duffel Bags

  1. Beth says:

    I never have gotten attached to my serger. What I really don’t like is not being able to backstitch, and the hassle of turning corners. I love the way you use your sewing skills to serve others!


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