One Month Away from Ecuador

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Today I am one month away from seeing Ecuador again. One small month – a mere 30 days. And in all honesty, today is the first day I’ve caught my breath and thought, I mean really thought, about what this trip will be like. I’ve been frantically trying to finish the numerous projects I’ve placed on myself and haven’t actually considered anything other than logistics for many weeks.

I’ve been so focused on sewing 3 quilts, 4 duffel bags, 4 sets of gifts for mothers, several Days for Girls Kits, and fitting it all in my luggage that I haven’t focused on the sights and sounds of Ecuador. I haven’t allowed myself that unique pleasure of remembering the country and longing for a return; of thinking about the delicious food, the many colors, those dear kids and their families; of remembering the sounds and the emotions. And now, as the day draws closer, I’m excited to look back and look forward. I’m excited to think about the children we will visit, the development centers we’ll tour, the new memories we will make. I’m pushing myself to look beyond the to-do list and just breathe. Breathe in these small moments of astonishment and anticipation. Breathe out the stresses of packing and preparing.

I will be seeing my awesome sponsored kids again in just a few short days – and I cannot wait. I cannot wait for that excruciatingly early flight to MIA, for the first glimpse of the snow-capped mountains, and even for the altitude sickness (because that means it’s real – I’m really back – I’ve traveled to another continent – another hemisphere). I must say, above anything else, I am so glad for these opportunities to travel. For the chance to broaden horizons, and experience new cultures. I often get asked why I would want to travel by myself, and you know, my reply is usually, why not? Why not go now, when I have the means and the time? When I’m not bound by overwhelming responsibility? Why say no when I know I’ll look back in years to come and say “I wish I had.” So I go. I go every chance I get. Because if not now, when?

2 thoughts on “One Month Away from Ecuador

  1. Beth says:

    I’m so looking forward to hearing about your trip, the wonderful sights, and your time with your sponsored kids! If it were not for the responsibility, I think I would actually brave a plane trip to another country to visit my kids too!


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