Emily’s Birthday Package: What I Send My Compassion Kids

I’m continuing my series of copy-able letters to sponsored children. To read more about this series, click here. To view other templates, click the “Sponsor Letter Templates” link under the main blog header (or here, if reading in a feed). 

I’ve got several birthday packets to send out to my sponsored kids over the next few days and thought it might be fun to share what all I send on these special occasions.

EmilyBirthdayPackageWith all of my preparations for traveling to Ecuador to see Emily again, I got behind in mailing her birthday letters/package. Unfortunately, this batch will miss her March birthday – but even so, she will know I love her and am thinking of her. For this year’s goodies, I included:

  • A four page letter telling her how special she is to God, me, and my family; and reminding her to enjoy her childhood years
  • Lots and lots of stickers: flower stickers, Lisa Frank stickers, heart stickers, and more!
  • A card-stock dollhouse (found at the local Dollar Tree. I’ve sent several of these with no problems)
  • A watercolor princess page
  • A Lisa Frank Swan folder to hold it all (it’s even got glitter on it)
  • A paper Birthday Cake

I always enjoy putting together these special occasion packages for my sponsored kids – and will soon be mailing Josué’s. Then, before I can even blink, April will be here and I’ll be flying off to meet them once more. I cannot wait and until that day, I’ll keep mailing my love. If nothing else, they will know someone cares about them, about their future, and about their family.

What do you send your sponsored child(ren) on their birthday?

4 thoughts on “Emily’s Birthday Package: What I Send My Compassion Kids

  1. Beth says:

    Love some of these ideas, and since reading your blog I found some neat items at the Dollar Tree for my sponsored boys. But I am concerned about how to send them. I’ve read that you can’t send “sellable” items, and that every piece has to be labeled. Do you just label the package and send it like that?

    I contacted compassion before sending an advent calendar that slightly exceeded the 8 1/2 x 11 size requirement, and they told me if I could fold it and it was still under 1/4 inch it would be ok. I really wish the guidelines were more clear.


    • Emily says:

      Hi Beth, I’m glad the blog has helped you! I usually have return address labels printed with my name/number and my child’s name/number that I put on each item I send. If the item is too small for the label, I just put the child’s number on it. I don’t really worry about size as long as I can get it in a 10 x 13 manila envelope. I’ve sent cardstock dollhouses, portfolio folders (without brads), and larger posters with no problems. My kids have written thank you notes after getting the dollhouses and folders so they seem to make it okay. I have heard that if you are sending thin paperpack books, you should remove the cover so they can’t be resold. I hope that helps! ~Emily


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