Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt: AMH Feathers

Today I thought it would be fun to share about the mini quilt I recently finished as part of the Schnitzel & Boo Mini Quilt Swap Round 3. This is my second time to participate in the instagram-based quilt swap, and I had a great time experimenting with the fabric and patterns favorited by my assigned partner, Emily of Mommy’s Naptime. AMHFeatherMini_1This was a secret swap so I had some fun stalking my partner’s shared social media sites to find out more of her likes and dislikes. From the beginning, I knew Emily had a special fondness for Anna Maria Horner fabrics – and I was fortunate enough to spot a fat quarter bundle of her Dowry line for sale on instagram (I’m a big peruser of #thegreatfabricdestash feed and find a ton of great fabric that way). It took me a while to decide on a pattern, however. I probably sat on that fabric for 4-6 weeks before I realized that the feather bed pattern that I’ve loved forever is actually an Anna Maria Horner pattern. It was meant to be.

AMHFeatherMini_2I cut a single strip of varying widths (1/5 – 3″) from each of the AMH fat quarters I had, stitched them together, and cut out the feather pieces following the free AMH Feather Bed Pattern. I made some small adjustments to the ‘in-between’ pieces to make sure the mini-quilt didn’t get too large. For the patchwork border, I used the leftover pieces from where I cut out the feathers and pieced a long 1.5″ wide section of scraps. I stitched in the ditch around the feathers and border, and then filled in the background with some pebbles. This was the first time I’d tried a pebble background – and while it was super time consuming, I absolutely adore how it turned out.

AMHFeatherMini_4I backed the quit with more of the AMH fat quarters, paired with a strip of the gray background. I also added two triangle hanging tabs at the top – using one as a to/from label.

AMHFeatherMini_5I also used one  of my new quilt labels purchased here on etsy. I got hooked on a good quilt label during my #26quilts project, and really wanted to order more from that same vendor. Unfortunately, they have since closed shop. Overall, I like the replacements I ordered, but will likely darken the colors on my next reorder, as some of the ink is hard to read and the fabric they’re printed on is a bit thin.

AMHFeatherMini_3Finally, I paired the mini-quilt with the left-over AMH fabric, some yummy chocolates, and a few dollar-spot goodies and sent it on its merry way. I was actually surprised at how quickly it arrived at its destination and am very happy to report that Emily loved it. Which is honestly the best part, because while I was initially doubtful of the fabric line, I really wanted to keep the finished product (always a good sign).


And that lets me cross one item off my to-sew list, and move on to the next project. (previews of which can be seen here)

Have you participated in a mini-quilt swap?

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