Curating a Clean Space

Each year I choose a focus word. One Little Word on which to build 365 days. One word to guide me, and help me find my better life. In 2015, that word is “Curate.”

For me, it’s all about the selective gathering – to curate memories, moments, and happiness. To cull the unnecessary, rework what I’ve already got, and add where the collection is lacking. To take it one step further I’m aiming to go from creating chaos to curating peace. It’s about getting everything in order to make the best possible 2015. I’m excited to see where this word takes me, and excited to share my progress throughout the year. 


CleaningKitphoto source

While I’m away in Ecuador, I’m having the shower replaced in my ensuite. (And yes, the irony in that statement hits me hard – “my ensuite” is getting replaced while some have no running water – geez this trip is going to be difficult). Anyway, before that, I’ve got some serious straitening, sorting, and cleaning to do. I lovingly tell my friends that in my day-job I use every ounce of my organizational skills and that leaves very little want-to for sorting things out about the house. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not talking about an episode of hoarders (though, when I’m really in the mood this is my go-to show to turn on while I clean), but I’ve got some work to do for sure. I think a lot of this also comes down to my introverted nature – rarely is anyone other than my cat in this space. You can live with a lot of mess and never see it – until that panic moment when you realize you have an outside eye coming in to the space. A good friend of mine’s mother often says the best way to keep a clean house is to invite guests over once a week.

So, in true Type-A fashion, I have created a checklist of areas that need attention between now and April 11. By my count, I have enough weekends between now and then to be able to tackle one area at a time, with a few off dates to ensure it all gets done. Thus, I’ve kicked started my spring cleaning. I’ve also compiled a few resources to help me sort, store, cull, and clean – and i thought you might be interested in them, too. So, without further adieu, I present you with the following go-to guide to completing your own spring cleaning.

Do you have any go-to organizing and cleaning tips/resources you could share?

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