To-Sew: My 2015 Project List

SewingList2015 - 1

I prepare to go back to South America, I have several sewing projects that need to be completed. Some of them are for me, but most of them are gifts (with over 1/2 being for Compassion Sponsored kids). Sewing is a very fluid process for me, and not since my 26quilts project have I had such a concrete list of projects needing to be finished.  Moreover, since many of the items on my list are going to South America with me, I actually need to get these completed before mid-April  – which means the list below is actually my to-sew list for the first 6 months of 2015.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m making a conscious effort to limit my fabric purchasing and complete my to-sew list with as much fabric from my stash as possible. I’ve got a good grasp on what this means for these projects, and am confident that, with the exception of 2, maybe 3, projects this can be done. I’m planning on sharing more about each of these projects as I complete them.

And with that, let’s get sewing!


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