ModernInstaBee: My First Quilting Bee

Back in the Spring of 2014, I signed up for my first quilting Bee: the Modern Instabee. I’d been seeing posts about the bee all over instagram, and thought the timing would work well with the end of my #26quilts project. All in all, it’s been a great experience – and I’ve already signed up for several more quilting bees and swaps because of it. I’d love to share a bit more about this bee, and the blocks I’ve created for it.

Bee Background: IG users @brazenlisa @lisaquiltslikeaboss & @jessicaquilter decided to start a Modern Bee on Instagram and within days it exploded to 10 Hives with 12 quilters in each hive. Each hive would use the book Modern Bee  by Lindsay Conner to choose their monthly blocks.

My Experience: I’m in hive 3, and was lucky enough to be assigned the first month as “my month” – meaning I got to choose the block and the 11 other members of my hive would each send me one of my chosen blocks. Awesome! I chose the Trellis Crossroads Block, and couldn’t be more pleased. I received 12 amazing blocks and am instantly 1/2 finished with piecing the top of what’s expected to be a very bright and happy quilt.


For each of the following months, I contributed one block in the style/color pallet requested by each of the other members. Some of my favorites are pictured below.


Ok – let me just say, these circle blocks were nearly the death of me. I absolutely HATED sewing them – they were so difficult! But, I would have never even attempted assembling curved blocks if it weren’t for these. So while the may not be my aesthetic favorites, I still like them for what they are – a challenge. ModernBeeBlocks_3

This stacked windmill block in mint, navy, and coral is my absolute favorite – and truly if I could have kept it, and made an entire quilt with these fabrics – I so would have. I’m actually to the point where I want to recreate this block for myself…. even if I just turn it into a pillow….ModernBeeBlocks_5

I also love how this teal Trellis Crossroads Block turned out – I don’t think you can really tell in the photo, but some of the gray fabric is actually metallic and the shine mixed with the teal is so calming. It reminds me of the ocean.ModernBeeBlocks_6

This purple and orange block falls into the “I never would have picked these colors” category – and to my honest surprise, I actually love how cheery it turned out. ModernBeeBlocks_1

All in all, this has been an amazing expierence and I am so, so glad that I took the “risk” and joined the group. It’s opened me up to participating in a ton of bees/swaps via instagram (I think I’m currently signed up for at least a half dozen!) and challenged me to attempt patterns and color combos that I never would have tried on my own. If you ever get the opportunity to participate in a community “challenge” that speaks to your talents – I highly recommend you go for it! You’ll be surprised at the good it does you. Promise.

Have you ever participated in a sewing bee or craft swap? Are you on Instagram (If you are, I’d love it if you connected with me there 🙂 Maybe we could swap talents)

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