One Little Word 2015: The Year I Curate

2012 was the year I needed to be courageous. 2013 was the year I carried courage over to create. And 2014 was the year I took risks.

It took me a while to decide what I wanted to focus on in 2015. For a while I debated going back to create – but create is such a BIG word with BIG implications, and I honestly wasn’t really feeling the fit…. and then I remembered that I had ended 2013 with create.

This led to me scrolling through Ali’s lists of past words mulling over the possibilities. And that’s when I found it:



verb: curate; 3rd person present: curates; past tense: curated; past participle: curated; gerund or present participle: curating
  1. select, organize, and look after the items in (a collection or exhibition).
    “both exhibitions are curated by the museum’s director”
    • select the performers or performances that will feature in (an arts event or program).
      “in past years the festival has been curated by the likes of David Bowie”
    • select, organize, and present (online content, merchandise, information, etc.), typically using professional or expert knowledge.
      “nearly every major news organization is using Twitter’s new lists feature to curate tweets about the earthquake”

For me, it’s all about the selective gathering – to curate memories, moments, and happiness. To cull the unnecessary, rework what I’ve already got, and add where the collection is lacking. It’s taking create one step further – from creating chaos to curating peace. It’s about getting everything in order to make the best possible 2015. I’m excited to see where this word takes me, and excited to share my progress throughout the year.

As I have for the past 2 years, I’ll be participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word Class (though, I was horrible last year and didn’t share any of my progress with the workshop… mainly because I made no progress – but I digress).

Do you participate in Ali’s One Little Word Class? Have you chosen a focus-word for 2015?

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