Quilt #26: Scrappy Trip Around the World

Since day 1, I’ve known that the final quilt would be special; a combination and record of the entire project, made from scraps of each of the previous 25 quilts. 26thQuilt1 So, after completing each quilt, I saved the scrap fabric, trimming the pieces to 2.5″ squares and making sure some of my favorites made it into the quilt that is solely for me. This resulted in a horribly gaudy finished product, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.26thQuilt2 With leftover fabric from each quilt in this 26quilts project, I made a 10″ quilt block, loosely based on the “scrappy trip around the world” pattern. I quilted the finished product in a diagonal pattern across every other row of squares. I absolutely love how it turned out – love, love, love.26thQuilt3 As usual, I backed it with a vintage sheet that just so happens to mimic the diagonal quilting pattern. Finally, I bound the quilt with scraps of bias tape from other projects and called it a day. This quilt is the perfect record of my year of sewing, and I’m so happy to have made it and to have finished my goal.26thQuilt4 While I may not have shared all 26 quilts in a year, I definitely did quilt all 26 in a year –

And that, my friends, constitutes a win! Happy Sewing!

2 thoughts on “Quilt #26: Scrappy Trip Around the World

  1. Jody says:

    I like it! A perfect record of your goal. I’m saving 5″ tall scraps of various lengths from my quilting projects to make a quilt for myself. I haven’t even made myself one yet. Luckily I joined the Modern InstaBee or my quilt would have basically been an Ohio State quilt – not that there is anything at all wrong with that. It’ll probably take a while to accumulate enough material, but I’m excited to see how it turns out.


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