Quilt #25: Airplane Lapquilt

Quilt 25 was made for my Dad, an avid model aviation fan who is currently really big into electric helicopters. To design this one, I used Quiltography, a sweet design app for my iPad. It allowed me to photograph my current fabric stash and design a quilt based on what I had without wasting any fabric.AirplaneQuilt1 I went with a charm square/layer cake combo design, laid out in a diagonal pattern. It was super fast to put together, and I’l so pleased with how it turned out. AirplaneQuilt3 I bound the edges in a navy blue biased tape to keep with the more manly color scheme.AirplaneQuilt2 I for quilting, I stitched in the ditch along all the charm squares – simple, fast, and fantastic.AirplaneQuilt4 I backed the quilt with some cotton factory-worker shirt fabric from my stash – which was awesome in that it was wide enough to not have to piece the back.AirplaneQuilt5

And that makes 25 quilts blogged and only 1 more to go!

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