Quilt #24: Helen Angela’s Triangles

For quilt 24, I wanted to make my other Compassion Sponsored Child, Helen Angela, her own quilt (since I’ve made one for Emily and one for Josué). With Helen’s I used several fabrics that I had used in my own triangle quilt.HelenAngelaQuilt1

I love the orange and teal color scheme – it just makes me happy. HelenAngelaQuilt2

As with Emily & Josué’s quilts, I embroidered Helen Angela’s name – this time though, I put the name on the front instead of the back. HelenAngelaQuilt3

I also did a semi-scrappy binding, alternating between orange and teal bias tape.HelenAngelaQuilt4

Again, in keeping with the theme of the other Sponsored kids’ quilts, I backed it with a large print chevron.

And that, my friends, is 24 quilts blogged and 2 more to go! Be on the look out this week, cause I’m finishing the sharing and posting all 26 by Friday.


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