Quilt #21: Charmed Cross Quilt


For quilt 21 of my #26quilts project, I’d been eyeing this post on Pinterest for months, trying to figure out all the math behind the pattern and how, exactly, I could make it myself. I found the easiest way was to use charm squares.CrossQuilt2So, after purchasing a fat quarter bundle of fabric, I set about cutting TONS of charm squares. For my quilt, it took 132 charms for the 2 interlocking borders, 108 charms for the white/cream background, and 32 charms for the cross. (And yes, I totally did just re-count them…)

CrossQuilt1As I’ve mentioned before, I made a list of people I wanted to gift quilts at the beginning of this project. From the moment I saw this pattern, I knew who on my list it would be perfect for – and, I’m happy to report, the recipient loved it. As in, stood in the parking lot literately screaming with joy, loved it.

CrossQuilt3And you know what, I love it, too. I really love the fabric in the borders. It’s just so happy, but in a calm, happy way. 

CrossQuilt4This is the only quilt that I did not machine quilt, myself. Due to its size (aprox. 72″ x 81″), I had this one professionally finished. I let the quilter have free reign on the design, but did ask that the border, background, and cross all be a different pattern; and that the design be fairly heavy.

CrossQuilt6I’m exceedingly pleased with how it came out. The final weight of the quilt is just what I’d hoped for – perfect for curling up under on a cool night.

CrossQuilt7Overall, this quilt is a perfect representation of the person I made it for – it reminds me of her in so many ways.


Anyway, this makes 21 quilts blogged and 5 to go. They are all quilted, I’ve just got to share them! Yay!

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