Quilt #19: Tetris Heart

When Sarah of CrinkleLove sent out an instagram asking for volunteer quilt-pattern testers, I was excited to give it a shot. Afterall, testing a new pattern meant one less quilt I’d have to come up with for my 26quilts Project.TetrisQuilt1So, on Halloween last year, I sat down and whipped up this quilt top based on the beta version of Sarah’s Tetris Heart Quilt pattern (buy your copy here). It’s easy to use and the quilt-top was super easy to assemble (I finished it while waiting on trick-or-treaters). Unfortunately, I took forever to decide on how to finish it. 
TetrisQuilt2I love the pattern, but am not a huge fan of how I quilted it. I’m still a major free motion quilting novice, and the finished piece is larger than what I wanted to wrangle through my machine to attempt to free motion; so I stuck with some vertical lines throughout. Unfortunately, my lines didn’t really stay very straight.

TetrisQuilt3To take some of the attention away from my wavy quilting, I hand stitched some bright neon squares throughout the vast black background.

TetrisQuilt4I’ve also never hand quilted – or hand-embroidered. So from the front the squares are acceptable, the backside is a mess.

To top it all off, I also ran out of bias-tape binding and had to supplement the bright orange with some leftover black binding. It doesn’t look horrible, but it’s not up to my normal standard. TetrisQuilt7(Also, forgive the blown-out pictures – photographing that black background proved harder than expected.)

TetrisQuilt6But anyway, this makes 19 quilts completed and 7 to go. Happy Quilting!


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