Quilt #18: Postage Stamp Quilt

I’ve been wanting to sew a quilt for my maternal grandmother since I first planned my 26quilts project. Using this tutorial, a set of 30’s reproduction jelly rolls purchased off ebay, a set of ivory jellyrolls, and a large vintage sheet purchased of instagram, I made one of my favorite quilts to date.PostageStampQuilt1This quilt came out much larger than I originally planned, nearly a twin size, which made it difficult to wrangle through my machine


I debated quilting in the ditch along vertical lines, but ended up deciding to diagonally quilt through the ivory squares. I love how it turned out; it’s got just the right amount of crinkle and cuddle. PostageStampQuilt2This is also the first time I tried binding the quilt with the background fabric – I still prefer to use a bias tape, but the proportions worked out too perfectly not to try it.


When I finished the quilting and laid out the final product I was amazed – this is easily the flattest, least wrinkled quilt back I’ve ever completed; it was awesome!PostageStampQuilt4

And I love the vintage sheet that I used – I often peruse linen sales on instagram for the sole purpose of finding great quilt-back fabric. I’ve been hoarding this sheet since last spring and am happy to have found the perfect reason to use it. It’s incredibly soft and perfect for cuddling under. PostageStampQuilt6

Overall, I’m so pleased with this quilt. I took it to my grandmother this morning, and she adored it. This is definitely a pattern I would make again. It’s much faster than it looks, and easier to make than it appears – provided you do actually iron your blocks (which I hate doing, but will resign to provided the time is worth it – and perfectly matching points on hundreds of squares makes it so worth it). PostageStampQuilt8

But there you have it, Quilt 18 of 26! Only 8 quilts and 2 months to go before I complete the goal and have to find something else to occupy my time.

One thought on “Quilt #18: Postage Stamp Quilt

  1. Jody says:

    It turned out great. After I collect enough fabric scraps, I want to do a postage stamp quilt for myself. I figure it will take well over a year to complete because I want to use a ton of different fabrics and not jelly rolls.


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