Promised Land Zoo

Just after Christmas, while I was visiting Nikki, she convinced me to try out the Promised Land Zoo in Branson, MO. I was a bit skeptical at first, the zoo is not at all what you would expect when you pull into the parking lot; yet, I was quickly won over.


More like a walking safari/giant petting zoo than a traditional zoo, the attraction had a variety of large herd animals, a few big cats (in well secured areas), and an entire bird room (my favorite).

PromisedLandZoo03With your admittance fee (I think around $18), you get a cup of food to for the mammals and some birdseed on a stick. Tip: visit in winter – there’s less of a crowd, which means the animals are more active because there is less “free” food from the visitors.
PromisedLandZoo02The camel was very interested in us (well, more like the food we had) but still, feeding a camel – too cool.
PromisedLandZoo04But, by far my favorite was the bird room – which was awesome and slightly scary at the same time.


When you pay your admission, you get a stick with peanut butter and birdseed on the end. The birds know what it is – and (unless they’ve just been fed by the zookeepers) swarm you to eat off the stick.


It. Is. Awesome. The end.


Way less scary that it sounds, I promise. The birds are quite friendly – as long as you have food. No food? they are not interested in you.


Also, the birds like to pick at your shoes and pants – so move around to keep from feeling boxed in by them.


I loved this zoo – mainly for the birds, but also for the big mammals. Overall, if you find yourself in Branson and looking for something to do, I totally recommend checking out the Promised Land Zoo.

You can tell them a little birdie sent you 😉

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