Quilt #16: Owl’s are a Hoot

For quilt #16, I pulled out an old rag quilt pattern and set about making a wonderfully red and pink owl as a Christmas gift for Nikki. Clearly, Jager was a huge fan of this one. NikkiOwl1For the better part of my photographing session, he refused to move from his cozy bed under the owl’s ear. But eventually, I was able to get some decent shots.
NikkiOwl2I really love this quilt (cutting all the rags, not so much).

NikkiOwl4The pattern calls for ragged eyes and a beak on both sides, but I like to think of it as a true back and decided to omit those. Plus, laying under the ragged parts didn’t sound very comfortable to me.

NikkiOwl5This is the second time I’ve used this pattern (see the first time here), and even though it’s been several years, I feel like it went better this go around. Instead of buying yardage, I used several fat-quarters in reds, salmons, and pinks; which resulted in much less waste. I also sandwiched the quilt with fleece to give the perfect amount of warmth and weight.

NikkiOwl6I’m loving how the quilting lines look on the back of the head. This is a huge quilt, and had it not been a quilt-as-you go type of project, I doubt I could have wrangled it through my current sewing machine set-up.

NikkiOwl7Nikki adored it, so did all my other owl loving friends. And honestly, if it didn’t take forever to cut all the pieces and then clip the edges, I’d probably make more of these. I just get really tired of looking at them about mid-way through.


Anyway, this makes 16 quilts blogged and 10 to go. And I’m still seriously loving this project! Happy Quilting!

4 thoughts on “Quilt #16: Owl’s are a Hoot

  1. Jody says:

    Cute! I’ve taken a break since finishing my last quilt, but I’d really like to start the one for me. I’ve made 8 quilts in the four years I’ve been quilting and a single one was not for me. 😦


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