Taking Risks in 2014

This year I’m going to RISK. Take risks, create risk, seek risk, evaluate risk, and engage risk

Sometimes a risk will mean taking an leap of faith, sometimes the risk will be in staying put.

So, with inspiration from Amy at lemonandraspberry, I’m planning to regularly post about something RISK-y I’ve done recently in an effort to keep my One Little Word for 2014 in an active position in my mind and thus my life, AND to remind you that a risk is not always stepping off a huge ledge; often, it’s just stepping out the door.

Last week:

I took a chance on some new wardrobe combinations utilizing pieces I’ve had in my closet for a while, and a few well placed new additions.  

RiskComboWe’ve had some serious turnover at the office, but we’ve gained tons of new, creative, inspiring, super fun people; super stylish people; who make me want to bust out the bright colors, fun skirts, and cute shoes. I’ve had that pink blazer in my closet for almost a year – tags intact. I couldn’t ever figure out the right shirt to wear with it. It’s such a loud blazer, it clearly wants to be the star, but none of my blouses want to play a supporting role, until, I realized I could use a monochrome print as a neutral. Big win, big big win.

I also found a better writing schedule for myself, which has resulted in more family time during the week and a few intensely focused hours of blogging on the weekends. So far, it’s working wonderfully.

Have you done anything risky this week? How are you keeping your One Little Word at the forefront this year?

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