Quilt #13: Aliens in RVs

Quilts #12-14 were completed before Christmas, but were commissioned as gifts so I couldn’t share until now. Quilt #13 was made for a ten-year-old boy with a flair for lime green aliens in VWs.Aliens&RVsQuilt1Like the Purple Princess Quilt, this Alien quilt is based on the triangle pattern with a modified edge.

Aliens&RVsQuilt2However, this time I added a column to the quilt, which resulted in the edges meeting like a puzzle piece when folded.

Aliens&RVsQuilt7I also embroidered the recipient’s name on the quilt top, but have blurred it here for privacy.

Aliens&RVsQuilt3The back is pieced with green chevron fabric, and leftover triangles from the top fabric.

Aliens&RVsQuilt5I quilted the whole thing on the diagonal, a quarter-inch on either side of the seams, which resulted in a nice diamond pattern.


I was so unsure of this pattern when I started. I love the mix of prints, but once I got all the fabric cut and laid out I felt it was too busy. I so wanted to mix in a good solid to break it up, but restrained myself. Happily, once the quilt was completed, the “busy-ness” of it really grew on me, and I am pleased with the end product. It’s a perfect tween boy quilt. Aliens&RVsQuilt4

This makes 14 quilts blogged and 12 to go. We’re getting there! Happy Quilting!


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