Quilt #11: Low Volume Quilt

A while back I saw this pin on Pinterest and was inspired to create my own as a very low volume quit.


I had several yellow/beige fat quarters in my stash that I used to make the bulk of this quilt. I also sprinkled in some baby blue and rose colored fabrics just to add a bit of dimension. I cut all of the fat quarters in to charm squares and then randomly laid them out to form the quilt top.LowVolumeQuilt4

The whole thing is quilted 1/4inch on either side of the seams, making a simple, non-distracting grid pattern. LowVolumeQuilt5

For the backing, I used a vintage yellow gingham sheet that fit both the low-volume and grid theme I had going.LowVolumeQuilt2I love this quilt. It reminds me of a perfect spring morning on a porch swing. This is the third quilt I’ve completed that isn’t intended for a specific person. It’s not destined to be a gift (as of yet) nor was it made on commission – it’s simply a quilt I wanted to create. I’m thinking I’ll end up with half a dozen or so “unclaimed” quilts at the end of this project; and I may end up listing them on Etsy. I’ll let you know.

LowVolumeQuilt3Regardless, this makes 11 quilts blogged and 15 to go. Happy Quilting!


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