Quilt #9: A Peanutty Christmas

Wohoo, I can share another completed quilt! This one is a Peanuts themed Christmas Quilt I whipped up for my Mom (an avid Snoopy fan).PeanutsChristmasQuiltFrontMonths ago – probably just after I decided to embark on this 26 Quilts Challenge, I found the cutest set of precut snoopy themed fabric squares on ebay & knew I had to buy them. I ended up with 9 Snoopy-themed and 9 red & white polka dotted squares that each measured approximately 4×4 inches (slightly smaller than a charm square) and stumped me for the longest time. I knew they wanted to be a Christmas something I just didn’t know how to get there.

PeanutsChristmasQuiltBackAnd then I found this awesome, bright red, Project Linus fabric over at fatquartershop.com (which, by the way, is on sale right now). That sealed it, this fabric would be the perfect backing for a Christmas quilt.

PeanutChristmasQuiltLabelI also had several Christmas looking fat quarters in my stash from a recent sale at my local fabric store. When I paired my green stashed fabrics with the Snoopy Squares, Red Dot Squares, and red backing, I knew I found a winning combo.

PeanutsChristmasQuiltOnce I decided on a concentric square pattern, the quilt blocks came together super fast (especially since I only had to make 9 of them)

PeanutsChristmasQuiltSnoopyI believe it took me all of 6ish hours to cut, piece, and sandwich this one – which is awesome. If you couldn’t already tell, I love it when a quilt comes together fast.


However, once I got it sandwiched, I was stumped on how I wanted to quilt it. My horizontal rows didn’t line up perfectly, so I knew that I wanted to distract from that, but, I also knew that this was a small quilt. And, one of the reasons I set this challenge for myself was to broaden my skill level. So, I bit the bullet and tried free motion quilting holly leaves and berries in the horizontal white space. IMG_8991

And you know what? I’m rather pleased with how they turned out. It was definitely cumbersome at the beginning, and I quickly found that I should have invested in an actual quilting (water/air solvable) marker to draw the shapes before I started sewing, but all in all they turned out ok. Ok enough that I’ll definitely be doing more free motion in the future.IMG_8992On a final note, Jager can often be found amidst the ever-growing pile of completed quilts – what can I say, He knows a comfy spot when he sees one.

For the record, thats 8 quilts blogged and 18 to go! Happy Quilting!


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