Quilt #8: Fall-ing for the Jelly Roll Race


Get ready for a blasting of quilt posts (among other things – December is going to be the month of catch-up posts). Anyway, I’m so excited to have so many finished and ready to share – but, here’s fair warning, some of the finished quilts are actually Christmas presents, so the quilts shared here on the blog will likely appear out of order sequentially until after the Holiday Season. However, I promise I will go back and share the gifts once they are given.

Ok, so now that the fun disclaimer is out of the way, I’m happy to present to you Quilt #8, an Autumn themed Jelly Roll Race.

JellyRollRaceFallFrontThis quilt was a breeze to make and so, so, so fast! And we all know that fast is fantastic when it comes to quilt making – especially when you’re making 26 in a year. I will say, I forgot that you were supposed to initially sew the strips together at a 45 degree angle, so my joints ended up straight instead of slashes – but that’s ok, I’m still a fan of how it turned out.


I used a variety of fabrics for this one, and ended up using a few precut jelly roll strings and cutting a few of my own 2.5″ strips to finish out the design. JellyRollRaceDetail2Also, just a side note, the first few strips you sew together are insanely long – like circled through three rooms of the house long; but, after those first two or three, the length becomes much more manageable and the whole process gets much faster.

FallJellyRollRaceBackFor the back, I’ve gotten into the habit of using vintage sheets – not having to piece a quilt back is right up my all right now. Plus, vintage sheets are just so soft — they make fantastic quilts!

FallJellyRollRaceTagFinally, I’m still in love with these custom quilt tags and only wish I had purchased them sooner.

This makes 7 quilts shared here and 19 to go. Happy Quilting!


2 thoughts on “Quilt #8: Fall-ing for the Jelly Roll Race

  1. Jody says:

    Looks great! I definitely would not use 45 degree angle seams if I were making a jelly roll quilt. For binding, yes. Using regular seems gives it more of a traditional quilt look. Can’t wait to see all your others.


    • Emily says:

      I hadn’t thought of that – the video I watched on the pattern used the 45 degree angle and I liked that slashed look, but you’re totally right – the straight seams do give it a more traditional look. Thanks 🙂


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