For Deb, Who Made a Difference and Made a Little Boy’s Life.


Before arriving at EC420, my wonderful friend, Deb, decided to sponsor an additional child from the project. Below are several photos from their meeting. 


The boy was so excited to be sponsored, to be chosen, – he even waited for us as we left the project for a bit and went on home visits. When my group returned earlier than Deb’s, her child met us at the door, eager to be reunited with his new sponsor.DebChild3 DebChild2 DebChild4

The best part, though? He blew kisses to her as our bus left the area. Truly the love this boy expressed in such a short amount of time exemplifies the love all children feel for their sponsors – unconditional, excited, and so thankful.

Deb, I was so blessed by you on this trip – I hope these photos bless your day and I pray your sponsorship blesses both you and your child beyond imagine. 



DarwinSmWant to help a child in EC420? Darwin is still looking for a sponsor. I have his packet until Friday – let me know if you’d like more information and I’ll happily answer any questions I can.



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