Mothers Making a Living in EC420

Compassion Project EC420, Darwin’s Project, is fortunate to house not only a Child Sponsorship Program but also a Child Survival Program. The Child Survival Program is much like a prequel to the Sponsorship Program, educating the mother or primary caregiver, before and after her child is born, about providing critical care during the earliest years. What’s more, the program teaches the moms a trade skill, empowering them to earn additional income and support their families.


Let me tell you, these ladies are talented. The beautiful mother pictured above, she made that scarf I’m wearing.


And that’s not all she can do. The ladies also knit child-sized sweaters; string beautiful beaded necklaces and earrings; crochet handbags, ponchos, and scarves; create their own shampoos, and sew fleece child-sized pant sets, printed fleece blankets, and fleece scarves.


Ready for the shocker? The shampoos are $1 per bottle. The ponchos are $5. The earrings are $0.50 a pair. The necklaces? $1-$2. Seriously. All of that time, all of that effort – $5. But you know what? That $5 might mean her family gets meat at their meal, a toothbrush for each member, warm blankets for the baby, or so much more that we take for granted everyday.

sewingroom420In this way, Compassion is not only providing the mothers with essential Early Childhood Development Education, they are providing tangible ways for the mothers to take charge of their own situations – all while sharing hope and love through spiritual teaching and faith-based learning.


DarwinSmWant to help a family in EC420? Darwin is still looking for a sponsor. I have his packet until Friday – let me know if you’d like more information and I’ll happily answer any questions I can. Interested in sponsoring a Mother and Child? Click here to read more about Compassion’s Child Survival Program.



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