A Greener Garden


I am so happy to report that despite the initial lack of growth, my home straw bale garden is finally starting to take off. We’ve been steadily soaking the bales with a mix of miracle grow and water, and friends, it has made a world of difference. We’ve even got a volunteer pumpkin vine overtaking one side. (Dad is anxious for some pies, I can tell you that.)NewTomato

Finally, after the initial harvest left us with lots of blooms but no fruit, our tomato plants are starting to produce mini tomatoes,SquashFlower

The squash is blooming like crazy,CucumberVine

And for the first time ever I was able to harvest a cucumber!CucumberI’d say that’s a win!

So, what have we learned this round of gardening? Plants need food – and when you don’t set the bales out to begin composting early enough, and you fail to prep them properly, you can surely expect to see it affect your harvest. In other words – add more fertilizer.

All that said, I doubt we’ll be harvesting any yellow squash, zucchini, or cauliflower from the bales this year. I just don’t think we got a good enough start to enable the plants to produce anything viable enough to harvest. Hopefully they prove me wrong, but I wouldn’t bet on it.  The cauliflower planted in the ground seems to be doing well enough – if we can get the slugs to lay off it. We bought a couple of bags of sand this weekend, and I’m planning to spread it around the ground beds to discourage the slug from eating our cabbage & cauliflower.

Do you know of anything else that’s good slug repellant? I’m trying to stay away from chemicals if at all possible. I’d love to hear your own garden updates, pest tips, and anything else you’d like to share about gardening in the comments 🙂


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