Quilt 4 of 26: A Quilt for Josué

If you follow me on instagram or twitter you’ve probably noticed the flood of quilt pictures from this weekend. One of my June goals was to finish quilt #s 3, 4, and 5. That would not only put me back on track for finishing 26 quilts in a year, but would also put me on track for my preparation for Ecuador – since quilts 4 & 5 are specifically for my sponsored children. I’m extremely pleased to say that I’ve now completed quilt #4 – a star and triangle quilt for my dear boy Josué.


I’ve had the fabric for this quilt for nearly a year. I bought it way back when I was making a coral and blue elephant quilt for myself. It was right after I decided to go to Ecuador, and I knew, I mean I knew, that I wanted to make a quilt for each of my sponsored kids. JosueQuiltBackI also knew that I wanted to use a common pattern and at least one fabric print that would appear in each of the three quilts – something to tie them together but still allow them to be unique. Something that would show how each of our lives are connected, how we intersect with each other, and yet not one of us is a cookie-cutter image of another.



Enter that orange weave patterned fabric. It was the perfect color to coordinate with all three quilts, and what better way to show connections that woven fabric – each of us a string in the fabric of the other’s life. Yep, I like that.

I also wanted each quilt to be completely and totally my sponsored child’s. I don’t know for certain, but I’m pretty confident that they haven’t ever gotten an item that was 100% theirs – with their name on it (save the letters I mail them – but honestly, letters and paper aren’t the same as a love-sewn quilt. It’s a bit difficult to cuddle up with letters at night…) So, with the help of my trusty embroidery machine, I added a name plaque to the back of the quilt. I left about a half inch of the fabric untouched around the edge to encourage it to fray and stand out even more.JosueQuilt1

I backed the quilt in a bright and happy yellow chevron fabric, and quilted it along the diagonal seams to form large diamonds throughout.JosueQuiltBinding

I also got smart with my binding this time and broke out the serger. I even learned how to thread my serger – just for this quilt 😉  Threading a serger is a pain, fyi, but, in the end these seams will be stronger and the quilt should ultimately last longer..JosueQuiltfoldedSince this quilt is headed to Ecuador which sits on the equator (Doh!)- meaning it’s HOT there (double Doh!) – I used a very, very thin and light batting. Truly the batting is just there to give the quilt some fluff and keep if from being a fancy sheet.

Anyway, I absolutely can. not. wait! to give this quilt to Josué, I know he will be so happy with it 🙂

And now, that’s 4 down and 22 to go. Happy Quilting!


When I gave Josué, his gifts, he went straight for his quilt (since he’d seen Emily open hers). You would have thought it was made of pure gold when he found his name. He couldn’t take his eyes off it for several seconds. I’m so glad I decided to make this and take it to him.



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