Find Your Voice: A Free Storytelling Workshop

This summer I am super excited to be contributing to the Find Your Voice Summer Storytelling Workshop conducted by Kristen at rukristen papercrafts. The class kicks off this Monday, June 24, and is sure to be a hit.

Find Your Voice is about embracing, finding and practicing your storytelling voice – which is perfect for all of us “project lifers,” bloggers, and memory keepers.

But, perhaps the best part is the entire workshop is free. That’s right, you heard me, it costs zero dinero to participate! And, you can participate in almost any way – photography, digital images, social media, prose, scrapbooking, and (of course) paper crafting.

The whole thing is eight weeks long, including an introduction and a wrap up.  Each week subscribers and participants will get a prompt, a lesson, and a worksheet. You can find the prompts at or click here to get the lessons delivered to your email. (pssst – if you are signed up for the emails before the class starts, you get a special discount code for Kristin’s shop at

I’ll be sharing my projects here each week, and will be posting glimpses, hints, and tips on instagram & twitter under the group hashtag:  #findyourvoice. (be sure to follow me 😉 )

In fact, there will be a whole bunch of great contributors and a really active community, so, if you decide to join us,  you will be able to share your story, techniques and ideas; make some new friends; and possibly be featured in the group’s social media.  You can even join the Facebook Group Here:

Want to learn more? Check out the FAQ on Kristin’s blog.

I can’t wait to connect with you through this workshop over the next few weeks. Please be sure to let me know if you decide to participate so I can be on the look out for any project you share. Cheers!


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