Straw-Bale Garden Updates


This year, I’m tending two straw-bale gardens: one at home & one at work. Both are doing ok, but not as well as I had hoped based on last year’s experience.


At home, we’ve harvested several large tomatoes, but our plants themselves are still really spindle-y. Additionally, the first few tomatoes we picked were rather mealy due to the crazy Spring weather we experienced.


Plus, the squash & cauliflower in the bales just haven’t taken off like I hoped they would.The plant above and the plant below are proof of that – both show cauliflower, planted at the same time, and watered the same amount. The only difference is one is planted in the straw bale and one in the ground. I’m beginning to think I got some bad bales this year…

The cabbage, on the other hand, is pretty rad. And has a head about the size of a small cantaloupe. (Dad thinks he’s going to boil it – yeah, not happening. That smell would never come out. I’m currently researching good coleslaw recipes. Feel free to share your favorite in the comments 🙂 )


And, while the zucchini plant is still on the small side, it is starting to produce – so that’s awesome.HomeGarden4

After a few dry weeks, we invested in soaker hoses for  the work and my home garden – and I’m hoping the extra water will help to perk up both gardens. So far it seems to be doing the trick. The work garden has especially taken a liking to the slow soak.WorkGarden3Speaking of the work garden, the plants look great, but they aren’t producing as much as I expected them to.  So far, we’ve got loads of green cherry tomatoes, one tiny banana pepper (that was eaten by a bug), and one tiny yellow squash; that’s it. The zucchini, bell peppers, and better-boy tomato plants just aren’t taking off.WorkGarden2

I’m really hoping that a couple of weeks of sunny weather, paired with good long soaks of water, will give all the plants the kick start they need to begin producing like crazy. I guess we’ll see…WorkGarden1

How about you, how’s your garden looking so far? Have you been able to harvest anything yet?


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