June’s Intentions

For each month in 2013, I’m consciously setting a handful of attainable goals for myself. So far, it’s been pretty rad. I’ve yet to accomplish everything on my monthly lists, but more and more, I’m surprised at what I do get done.


~ to make pesto pasta with fresh herbs. As part of my slow transition into a vegan diet, I’m adding more and more meatless dishes to the menu. One I’m super excited about is a fresh pesto sauced pasta. I finally found some good looking basil plants and hope to be harvesting within a couple of weeks.

~ to get back to yoga. This is a carry-over from May, but still a main focus. With the numerous work-trips and other obligations, it just didn’t happen last month. It will happen in June.

~ to create a timeline/checklist for my trip to Ecuador. I’m heading to South America in just under 4 months – which is crazy talk. I feel super unprepared. So ease some of that worry, I’m sitting down this month to create a timeline of when tasks need to be accomplished (like shots – yikes!) and what items I’ll need to buy/pack.

~ to finish quilts #3-5. So far, I’ve completed 2 of my 26 quilts. By next Friday, June 14, I should have completed 4 to stay on schedule. I do have a quilt ready to be backed – so hopefully by this Friday I’ll be up to 3, but that still puts me behind. It’s my goal to catch up in June and get ahead in July/Aug. so I won’t get way behind after my trip. We’ll see how that goes.

~ to spend time in the pool. I’ll just be blunt here, pools are money pits. That being said, I am bound and determined to get ours opened so I can swim after work & before it gets too hot this summer. Right now we’ve got to replace a busted hose and deal with are “awesome” grass that decided to poke up through the liner – like I said, money pit.

~ to develop new ideas. I’ve got a couple of blog-related ideas bouncing around in my head and I’d love to flesh them out on paper this month.

How about you? Do you have any intentions for June?


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