Quilt 2 of 26: Self-Sashing Baby Quilt

Quilt2FrontShortly after I officially announced my 26 quilts project, my maternal grandmother commissioned me to make a gender-neutral baby quilt for a new mother at church. I sat on this quilt for a couple of weeks trying to decide on a pattern and color scheme.

Quilt2BackFortunately, I found some awesome fat quarter bundles at Walmart, of all places, and was able to nail down the colors – but, by the time I had that sorted out, I only had a about a week before the quilt was due. I needed something that would come together quickly, but look like it took longer.

Quilt2quiltingEnter the disappearing nine patch. I made 9 nine-patch blocks, then cut and reconstructed them according to this tutorial – I did alter 6 blocks to give the multi-colored sashing effect, but really that only consisted of removing one seam and reversing the fabrics.

Quilt2BackingFor the back, I used two yards of this wonderful alphabet fabric, again found at Walmart. Since the backing required a seam, I decided to use a row of unaltered 6″ squares between to make the seam look intentional.

Quilt2BindingI finished it all off by quilting a few rows in the sashing and binding with antique white cotton fabric and yellow thread. 
Best part? I made my deadline by several hours & the new mother loved the quilt. Double Yay!


This was such a fast project that I know I’ll be keeping this pattern in my baby shower gift repertoire. In fact, I’ve already got a couple more quilts using variations of this pattern in the works.

But for now, this makes two down and 24 to go. Happy Quilting!

4 thoughts on “Quilt 2 of 26: Self-Sashing Baby Quilt

  1. Yvonne says:

    I love the look of this quilt! Might be one I want to try, right now I am selling raffle tickets for 2 baby quilts to help earn money for my trip to Mexico in January. 🙂


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