Quilt 1 of 26: Babushka Triangles

Two weeks ago I complete the first of my #26quilts projects. But, since the quilt was a gift, I had to wait to share it with you until after I had given it to its permanent owner. Now that the gift has been given, I’m super happy to show it to you.

quilt1of26closeupMonths ago, when I was first contemplating this project, I came across this Matryoshka fabric. I knew then that even if I didn’t do the 26 quilts in my 26th year, I would be making a quilt with these cute dolls for my extremely close and amazing friend, Jessica.

quilt1of26patternlayoutI originally purchased one fat quarter bundle of the fabric with 6 fat quarters and set out cutting 6.5″ triangles. I quickly realized that my initial fabric order turned out to be no where near enough fabric. So, I went back and ordered half yard cuts of three additional fabrics to fill out the quilt.  

quilt1of26sewingIt took me a few afternoons to complete from start to finish, though it could probably be done in a day if I sat down and worked straight through. But I have to tell you, cutting and sewing triangles gets extremely monotonous – which is why I spent a few nights cutting the triangles out while watching Nashville and Smash. quilt1of26detail1I quilted the triangles across the diagonal lines, roughly 1/4 inch from the seams.  quilt1of26backingThe backing fabric had to be pieced, and I failed to order enough fabric for the pattern to match, so I added a sash from halved triangles to separate the seams. 

quilt1of26detail Quilt1of26FoldedI’m extremely pleased with how the whole quilt turned out and Jessica loved it!

That’s one down and 25 to go. Happy Quilting!

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