The Triangle Quilt is Officially Finished

TriangleQuiltFoldedYou guys, I am so happy to be finished with this quilt. I mean, I’ve been sitting on the quilt top for nearly four months because I wasn’t happy with the batting I had originally purchased to complete it (it was too light, I like a heavy quilt) & I ran out of fabric.

TriangleQuiltBackI finally took action and purchased better batting & a bit more fabric – and then spent a good portion of Sunday night finishing this sucker off. Which would have been great, except that my quilting machine is finicky at best.
TriangleQuiltFortunately, I got all of its quirks worked out and ended up with one of my favorite quilts ever – and one that I’m totally keeping for myself.

TriangleQuiltDetail2The seams aren’t perfect, but you know what? That’s ok – finished trumps perfect and the imperfection adds to the charm. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself 😉

TriangleQuiltJagerEven Jager approves of the new quilt.

TriangleQuiltDetailWhat Projects have you been able to cross of your to-do list lately?

2 thoughts on “The Triangle Quilt is Officially Finished

    • Emily says:

      Thanks, Ariella! It’s been a while since I finished this one, but I got all of the fabric from Most of them are from the Bella Collection by Lotta Jansdotter – Windham Fabric line.


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