Advent Calendar Lapbook for Sponsored Children

I know it’s just October for all of us Compassion sponsors, it’s time to start thinking Christmas. Last year, I sent each child a folder with lots of fun stuff for them and their siblings. This year, I wanted to do something different for my sponsored kids, and ended up deciding to create each of them an advent calendar lapbook.

I love the final product so much that I wanted to share it with all of you. Feel free to copy it and send to your own sponsored kid(s) 🙂 You can also find a whole thread of posts regarding other sponsors’ advent calendars on OurCompassion.

AdventLapbookFront Supplies to Make and Advent Calendar for Sponsored Children:

  • 22 small “coin” envelopes. I found mine at this etsy shop, but you might find them in your local craft supply store
  • 2 Green File Folders
  • 2 Red FileFolders
  • 22 small paper prizes – I used stickers, homemade puzzle pieces (i.e. old Christmas Card fronts cut into a puzzle), and bible verses
  • 2 slightly larger paper prizes – I used fancy stickers for the girls, baseball cards for Josue, and a dolphin “sticker scene” from Oriental Trading for both
  • 1 recent/updated 4×6 photo of yourself/your family
  • 1 explanation of the Advent Calendar for kids. (Feel free to download mine here)
  • 1 hidden pictures puzzle. I got mine from Highlights magazine, here.
  • Packing Tape
  • Glue stick
  • Letter page (here) cut in half – hot dog style with the letter on one piece and the translation on the other
  • markers, stickers, crayons for embellishments
  • Cut one green folders into 4 2″ x 7″ strips, 4 2″ x 2″ squares, and 2 3″ x 4.5″ rectangles. (Sorry, I didn’t get photos of this step. Basically,  you’re cutting the “pockets” to hold your daily advent envelopes.
  • Cut both red folders down the spine. Set one aside and cut the other into 2 2″ x 7″ strips and 1 3″ x 7″ rectangle. (Again, no photos of this step – but you’re just cutting the “flaps” that form the inside pages of the lapbook)
  • Fold the remaining green folder to where the outside edges come in to meet the spine. (see photo below)


  • Tape the red folder halves that you previously set aside to the creases you just made in the green folder, being careful to make sure that the lapbook will open and close easily. (Also, be sure to tape on both sides of the “flaps” to ensure a secure page.)
  • On the innermost layer of the lapbook, tape the cut folder strips that will form your pockets to hold the daily envelopes. Use the photo below as a guide. Be sure to tape only on the bottom and side edges.
  • Label each small envelope 1 -22 and fill them with the small paper goodies. For days 23 & 24, I cut an invitation-sized envelope in half to and taped the cut sides form 2 smaller envelopes. In those I placed the slightly larger paper prizes. For day 25, I put my 4×6 photo inside an invitation-sized envelope. Once all your envelopes have been filled, place them in order in the pockets, using the photos above as a guide. * NOTE: before you send the completed book off to Compassion, be sure to label everything with at least your child’s number and preferably with both your sponsor number and your child’s number.
  • On the backs of the red folder flaps, glue the explanation of the advent calendar and the hidden picture puzzle. You may have to get creative with your cutting and pasting to get it all to fit.
  • On the small, outer (but inward facing) green flaps, glue 1/2 pages for your letter and it’s translation
  • Finally, write your letter and decorate your completed lapbook with stickers, markers, etc.
I hope that wasn’t too confusing. However, If you’ve got questions or this just makes no sense at all, I’d be happy to help, just drop me a note in the comments. Also, if you’ve sent fun stuff to your sponsored kids for Christmas, feel free to share that, too. I love hearing what others have sent!

10 thoughts on “Advent Calendar Lapbook for Sponsored Children

    • Emily says:

      Jill, I would love to hear about your writing method – 19 letters at a time blows me away. What an awesome ministry! I’d love to make a few extra of these for you if you decide to send them next year 🙂


  1. Crystal says:

    I’d really like to make this for my sponsored child. Unfortunately no matter how I load it or on what device I use, the pictures will not show up. Any idea how to see them?


    • Emily says:

      Hi Crystal, I am so sorry you were unable to view the pictures. I’m also so sorry it has taken me over 6 months to respond (I’ve been away from this space and resetting in my personal life). When I moved my blog back to a wordpress hosted site, several of the photo links broke. In that same time, my photo library crashed, and I lost several original files. I’ve been slowly working back through the archives to fix the issues that I can, and I’ve just now updated the post with the photos I was able to salvage. Please let me know if I can be of any additional help.


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