I Registered for a 5k!

No lie, I really did. (If you follow me on twitter, @elefantgrace, I’m sure you’ve seen me tweet my #mileaday photos about the 5k) And despite my Dad asking, “Do you know what you’ve gotten yourself into?!” I’m pretty excited about it. Right now, I can walk the distance in just over an hour. I’m hoping to get my time down to around 45 minutes.

I registered for a local Relay for Life Race/Walk. I figured it was a good start – that way, I wouldn’t be pressured to run the entire thing, and if it came down to it, I really could just walk the hour. Oh, did I mention the race is only 24 days away?!?! Crazy I know. I registered on Feb. 29 and the race is on March 31. I’ve been ‘training’ each weekday. Plus, I’ve already paid the registration fee, so now I HAVE to do it 🙂

I even went out and got “proper” running shoes – read:expensive – but they really do make a big difference in my comfort. Without them, I get crazy bad shin splints – no fun, no fun.

Right now, I can only really “run” for 1/10 of a mile before my legs are screaming…but I’m working on it. I’m hoping to be able to run at least half of the distance comfortably.

I’ve already seen a decrease in my average pace. Since I’ve been training, I’ve gone from a 22:14/mi to 19:36mi !!!

That’s with 4 days of training!

That being said, you may see me around here less often now – with my full-time non-blogging job and training for the 5k I’m just worn out when I get home at night and much less likely to log-on. BUT don’t worry, I’m not giving up this blog! I’ll still be around, I’m just cutting back my postings to a few times a week instead of daily.

Well, I’m off to run now, wish me luck with the race! AND, let me know if you’ve done anything exciting lately!

or if you have any beginning runner tips! I’ll take all the help I can get. No joke!

3 thoughts on “I Registered for a 5k!

  1. Jenn says:

    Way to go! You can do it. I’ve fallen off the jogging wagon, but did my first 4 miler & 5k last Sept & Nov. My advice as a beginner is to work up to it. Increase a bit each week. Don’t run the day before your race, and drink water like crazy. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


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