A Freebie for You – Printable Letter Template

I’m continuing my series of copy-able letters to sponsored children. To read more about this series, click here. Want to pin this template to Pinterest? just use the “pin-it” button at the bottom of this post. Easy Peazy!

Since I am weird and totally love making templates that look like worksheets, blame being a teacher’s kid with a digital design degree,   the last template I posted was such a hit, I’ve created another one 😀

This one is much more generic and can be used multiple times. Again, it’s super easy to fill out; and, hopefully, takes minimal time. I based it off some of the Compassion International templates I’ve gotten from my sponsored kids.

If you don’t have a Scribd account, and you don’t want to create one, you can view the template here on Google Docs.

Here’s the one I’m sending to my Ecuadorian boy, Josué. Like before, I printed it in black & white and added color with colored pencils. Forgive the shadow and book pattern peeking through from underneath – I’m getting my grocery list together and too lazy to find a cleaner place to take a better photo.

I am planning to make a wide array of these, so, with that in mind, are there any templates you’d like to see?

Maybe ones for birthdays? Seasons? Holidays? Let me know! I’ll make the most in-demand ones first 🙂

*Please note, I do not encourage you to abandon letter-writing and just send these templates. Instead, these are meant to be used as a guide in building your relationship with your sponsored kids. As you learn more about your child, it should become easier to write them without using the templates. Hopefully, these templates can be helpful in ‘kick-starting’ relationships or  sending short notes when you’re pressed for time or when your brain is tired. 

4 thoughts on “A Freebie for You – Printable Letter Template

  1. Debi says:

    If you’re still taking suggestions, I’d love to see something to help with writing a Christmas letter. Also, most of my sponsored and correspondent “kids” are actually teens and young adults. Any hints, templates, or other help getting started with older students would be much appreciated!


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